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The Click Trader
Allied Consulting and Finance (ACF) has spent a considerable amount of years in the Finance and Technology industry, working with Wall Street firms, hedge funds, and institutions.

We have worked on and developed highly specialized algorithmic trading programs, that have been deployed on a wide range of global instruments and markets.

One of our products, the ClickTrader, has received so many requests that we decided to dedicate its own web page.

The ClickTrader  is available for professional traders and actively trading hedge funds who seek to carve out profits over the course of a trading session.

Designed to "scalp" the markets, this method of trading has proven itself to be immensely successful to us, and by its very nature is a very low risk strategy

The user simply has to identify a "Trigger" point, and the ClickTrader will do the rest. 
Never again will you have to type in entries and exits on your keyboard...the ClickTrader will send in your Entry Order, as well as make sure an attached stop loss Exit Order is included.
All done with the click of a mouse button.
Live trading account with NinjaTrader or Esignal charting software is required to use the ClickTrader, along with an account with Interactive Brokers.

If you are an institution who is interested in implementing an auto trading strategy, please contact us for more details.  We have an in-house group of programmers who, on your behalf, can write code that utilizes the functions of the ClickTrader in combination with hundreds of charts that trade during the session.
The software will literally execute thousands of trades for you, while you monitor and manage your account.

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